Sprint Music Plus

Sprint Music Plus is Sprint’s official Music Store and player for Music Tracks, Albums, Ringtones, and Ringback tones. A full-featured music player, manager, and store in one app! Millions of DRM-free Music Tracks and Tones updated daily.


Replace the boring ring-ring your caller hears with songs from today's hottest artists! Your friends will thank you.

Music Store

Download all the tracks you want, from the classics to today's top tracks, and keep them with you anywhere you go.


You deserve to hear your favorites songs whenever your friends call you. It's your world, customize it.

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Ringtone Bundles

3 for $5 Credit Bundles

Save over 30% on your favorite ringtones.
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Full Track Bundles

5 for $5 Bundles

Save over 20% on new or classic tracks.

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Ringback Tone Bundles

3 for $5 Bundles

Save almost 30% on your favorite jams for your callers.

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