Mary J. Blige is Tough


Some of us do our best work when we’re down. This summer marks the 25th anniversary of Mary J. Blige’s first album, “What’s the 411.” We learned back then that Mary is one of those people who bare it all in the open through their lyrics. This is how Blige works through her pain. She had a rough childhood. Blige grew up with only one parent. Her dad wasn’t in the picture. So, she looked up to her mom who was very strong as she raised Mary and her siblings all on her own.

If we flash forward to last year, Blige went through a divorce with Kendu Isaacs, her husband of 13 years. This may seem insensitive but fans knew this could only mean one thing … that the new album will be off the hook!

“Strength of a Woman” is out today so you can see (or hear) for yourself. Check out the debut album.

Download the album to your phone or preview it.



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